Game On!

A record number of participants attended CULT Cymru’s Game On! Videogames panel session on January 11.

The aim of the session was to highlight the opportunities available in this growing sector for those creatives looking at the options available for them to use transferable skills beyond their traditional skillset in TV, Film and the Arts, especially where work is scarce due to the Covid 19 crisis.

The panel of industry professionals sharing their knowledge included Dr. David Banner, MBE, games producer and publisher, Ian Thomas, narrative designer, Stafford Bawler, sound designer, Amelia Tyler, Voice artist and Kevin Ho, games designer.

Invaluable advice was given on how to break into this booming business as well as top tips on what to avoid. Networking seemed to be the name of the game – “find your tribe” being one of the key actions the panel recommended as a way of getting noticed and keeping up with opportunities.

We had great feedback on the session and it seems there is huge appetite from union members in Wales to get involved in this dynamic and ever-expanding industry.

‘Game on!’ was supported by funding from Creative Wales and the Wales Union Learning Fund (Welsh Government)

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