CAVC Learndirect Courses

Free Learn Direct CAVC courses available through CULT Cymru – Apply before 30th July!

Online courses available free of charge courtesy of Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) and learndirect

This is an opportunity for anyone living in Wales to take the time to refresh your skills. Through our programme you will gain access to fully funded online training covering a number of areas including digital/information technology, business skills, languages, hospitality … The list is very extensive ….

To have a look through the available courses click Cardiff and Vale Courses 

These courses are only available fully funded until the end of July 2021. However, once enrolled,  individuals can continue to complete after July, but they must have completed the below form before the 30th July to be eligible.

When enrolling you can request a maximum of FIVE courses, but remember to apply before 30th July.

When booking your course, use the Cardiff and Vale College online booking form below (and not the LearnDirect website that can charge the full price for any courses ordered via their website). For more information about the courses, please visit .

When completing the form below, please indicate that CULT Cymru is your named organisation in order to secure the provision free of charge, and if you live outside Cardiff or the Vale of Glamorgan then you can use our address:

1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9SD.

The information in the form below will be sent directly to the registration team at Cardiff and Vale College, and your login details will be e-mailed to you in about 3-4 days.



For any help or support about the Learndirect courses available through Cardiff and Vale College, please contact Leanne Waring on:

07542 230283 or email .

Enjoy, and we look forward to your feedback. Keep healthy and safe.

The college’s privacy notice can be found here. This privacy notice is intended to help you understand how Cardiff and Vale College collects and processes the information you share by completing the booking form.

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