Call Out – Paid Opportunity for Young Creatives

Call out –  Paid Opportunity for Young Creatives. 

CULT Cymru is a learning programme funded by Wales Union Learning Fund,  working in partnership with Bectu, Equity, Musicians Union and The Writer’s Guild to deliver affordable, accessible and exciting learning activities for those working in the creative industries in Wales. 

CULT Cymru have recently recruited 12 Freelance Union Learning Reps to engage with members to identify skill gaps and training needs of specific groups of creatives.  ULRs Stephanie Bolt and Tom Goddard are particularly interested in supporting young creatives in their journey, and are therefore looking to recruit 2 young union members aged 18 – 29 to work alongside them on the project.  

We want to hear from you if you are? 

  • Aged 18-29
  • A Union Member, either Bectu, MU, Equity or the Writers Guild. 
  • On your own political journey.
  • A life long learner keen to develop skills and knowledge. 
  • Interested in finding ways to understand and improve the working lives of young people within the creative industries across areas such as working conditions, training, accessibility and fair work. 

Aims of the project

  • Reimagine the purpose of unions and their relevance to young creatives
  • Locating new future career routes 
  • Identifying gaps in skills based learning  
  • Highlight formative impact of union membership 

What will you be doing?

  • Survey young creative workers under 30 across live events, theatre, film, tv & emerging sectors, through doing so identifying trigger questions 
  • Grow network of young workers who are ‘union curious’ and care about solidarity
  • Plan, facilitate, document and host a panel event (for 25+ people) hosted by CULT Cymru Zoom with tech, Welsh language and BSL support
  • Advocate for social, cultural and economic value of union membership and the companionship that brings 
  • Develop an illustrated short report on findings  – audio / text / video 

What will you be paid? 

  • Fees:  £1200 each, based on £15 an hour. (approx 10 days work)
  • An additional budget will be provided for speakers at the Panel event. 
  • Must be a freelancer/sole trader or Ltd company 

What support will you receive? 

  • Briefing sessions with Stephanie & Tom to scope the project and to agree how it will be developed and delivered.  Followed by regular online check-ins. Plus support from the CULT Cymru team where required e.g. reaching out to union members and other industry workers to distribute surveys etc.

How to apply: 

Role specification in detail:

  • Plan, initiate, investigate & carry out an action research project 
  • Take responsibility for individual & collectively defined tasks
  • Develop & improve own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent practitioners 
  • Apply decision-making & problem-solving skills to extend planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills where appropriate
  • Develop confidence in applying new technologies & methods 
  • Develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise