FAQ’s_Wellbeing Facilitator


We don’t have the budget for another role, how can we afford this?

Easy! Thanks to funding from Creative Wales, production companies can easily apply for a grant of up to £15,000 to pay for a WellBeing Facilitator – easy application form here https://cult.cymru/en/wellbeing-facilitor-pilot-grant-for-production-companies/


We are a small company and we can’t afford a full time WellBeing Facilitator, so can we still collaborate?

Absolutely! Regardless of the size of your production company you can still apply for funding, and there are options available to you. We all have mental health, and we are working to make sure that all production companies are able to access this support/assistance.


We’re already quite busy and we don’t have the capacity to attend to yet another role, do we have to do more work to have a WellBeing Facilitator?

No! The role of WellBeing Facilitator is to work with you and support you and your company/ workforce. The role is present as a neutral third party and will support with the specific polices (wellbeing plans/risk assessments/bullying & harassment etc), if they aren’t already in place. Think of this role as an HoD who will create a safer and happier working environment for all, help retain crew/cast and support you with the ethical delivery of outstanding creative content.


We move around a lot, on locations, and don’t have the budget to accommodate covering expenses for a WellBeing Facilitator, so how can this work?

A WellBeing Facilitator doesn’t always have to be on location/production offices, though in person touch points are vital to gain trust and build a working relationship. The role is remotely accessible too, via texts/calls/zoom, as well as being on location where required. So, the role can be a hybrid of in person touch points and remote support.  However companies are expected to pay for any expenses such as subsistence, travel expenses and overnights if required.  This to be discussed with 6ft from the Spotlight at the planning meeting.


We have crew who are Mental Health First Aiders, so why do we need a WellBeing Facilitator?

Whilst it is excellent that you have freelancers/staff available as MHFA’s, they too are working their full-time role; and will be busy and possibly stressed themselves. A WellBeing Facilitator is a stand-alone role, that can hold space and assist everyone; and is fully insured and comes with supervision and background support via 6ft From The Spotlight. Again, think of the Well Being Facilitator acting as a HoD to all those who are MHFA trained, and being able to check in on them.


How do we recoup the cost of the WellBeing Facilitator?

Following your application you will be contacted by Rhian, the CULT Cymru Co-ordinator who will arrange an online meeting between yourselves and 6ft from the Spotlight.  Once you have agreed with 6ft from the Spotlight what is required a start date will be agreed.  Payments for the Wellbeing Facilitator will be paid by the production company to 6ft from the Spotlight.  Once this payment has been processed you will invoice Bectu/CULT Cymru for the grant funding.  This to be discussed with 6ft from the Spotlight and Bectu/CULT Cymru during the inception meeting (e.g. payments can be monthly or whatever suits the company and 6ft from the Spotlight).