Mental Health

CULT Cymru’s aim is to work with partners to create a fairer, more inclusive creative industry that we can all be proud of.

The courses below  are available to production companies and those working throughout the creatives industries in Wales.   For further information  please contact  

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Mental Health and Wellbeing training

Mental Health and the Law
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policies
Mental Health Stress Risk Assessments
Mental Health First Aid Wales
i-act  Positive Mental Health at Work for managers
Sustainable Emotional Resilience
Creating Psychologically Safe Teams
Safeguarding for Vulnerable Crew and Contributors
Strategies to Navigate Bullying and Harassment
Positive Workplace Interventions
Ethics and Boundaries of the Wellbeing Facilitator Role
Cafe CULT sessions

Equality Training 
Race Equality Training
Disability Equality Action Training
Neurodiversity for Creatives
Autism for Creatives

Coaching and Mentoring
ILM Coaching and Mentoring Course
Mentoring 4 Screen Programme